How To Share And Sync Data Between Your Android Devices

There are number of android devices in the market so syncing them with each other can be a hassle unlike iOS which syncs easily with other iOS devices allowing you to sync and share data easily. Although there are number of ways with which you can share and sync data between your different android devices but the best way is to use your Google account.

Once you have gotten a new android device you can use your Google account that you used in your first android phone to automatically sync and download the app data. Although rooted device can sync using a number of apps that are available from the android market.

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So we have prepared this guide for the people who don’t have a rooted device with different android version installed. This guide will enable you to easily sync and share files between the multiple devices.

How To Sync Data Between Android Devices

  1. Pick up one of your android devices and go to Settings > Accounts & Sync and scroll down to see the Google icon tap on it to add your Google account.
  2. Now enter the same Google account that you have entered in your other android devices. If you use other accounts that are synced in your android devices then you should enter them too.
  3. Now tap on the account that you have added to select what you want to sync with your account. By default most of the options will be ticked. Now check this option in your other android device once you done all your data should be synced to your Google account.
  4. If you want to check whether the sync is working or not head to the play store from one of your android device and download a free song of the week from Google music section and confirm your purchase then shift to your other android device.
  5. If the sync is working properly then you should see a notification on your second android device of the song that you have just purchased. Tap on the notification to start playing the song that you have just purchased. With this option you can listen to any of the purchased songs in any of your android device that is synced with your Google account.
  6. Now to back up your data go to settings menu and then scroll down and tap on backup and restore. Tick mark the box with back up my data and automatic restore. These two options will back up your app data and also restore app data when you use your Google account in another android device.
  7. You can find the page of all the apps that you have ever downloaded in your android device. To access the page open your play store from your android device and click on option and select my apps. This page will display the apps that you have downloaded using your Google account.
  8. You can also use the Google chrome browser to sync your bookmarks and browsing history with other android devices. The best part is if you use the same Google account in chrome that you have installed in your desktop that too will be synced. Now you can keep your bookmarks and other pages updated no matter where you browser the internet from.


So there you have a simple guide that will enable you to sync and share across different android devices.

Let us know what you think and if there are any other easy ways to synch and share data between different android devices.

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