How to Setup your own Proxy Server for Free

Maybe, you can be one of the people who are not that informed on what proxy is. It is actually an important component in online sharing as it is considered as the arbiter between the website and the computer. Without the proxy, it will be impossible for you to connect to a website or as a website owner; you will always fail gaining a lot of online visitors.

Proxy is also considered as the gap between the hackers and a computer. An effective proxy can effectively block a hacker and with that, your system can be free from virus or malware.

Using Win Proxy (Free)

Proxy may be for sale on some providers but there is a downloadable program which is free but security is still there. It is the Win Proxy which allows you to assign a particular system to run a proxy. Take note that it is free but found out to be highly secured.

Download the free Win Proxy program from the website provided. If you are running a typical Windows machine, then just download it. However, for Windows NT users do not forget to check the box beside the “common application”.

Actually, Win Proxy is the known simplest proxy program you will ever run. It allows you to run the program conveniently without the knowledge on advanced options of proxy servers. When the setup finishes its automatic installation, you can always open it from the location where you managed to install the program.

Although Win proxy does not require you to customize some of its options, well, it is a recommended one for you. You can always assign a browser to be automatically assigned as the default proxy of the computer. Through this, you may have a more effective proxy server.

For Firefox users, you can customize it by going to the “Tools” tab, and on its drop down menu, click “Options”. On that, select the “Network” tab under the “Advanced” options and click “Settings”.

On that, do not forget to type in the IP Address of your machine. Also, set the port with 3128. Looking to Win Proxy, it is a light weight program but has a lot of useful features.

Win Proxy can be powerful with its default options but tweaking it can make it more effective.

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