How to Send your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Google has just launched a particular addition to their line of new applications which is the Google Drive. This is actually affiliated with Google Docs and just changed to Google Drive since it can carry now most of the type of files and applications in which a user wishes to save. Google Drive is a powerful application by Google as it will allow you to synchronize the desktop folders to your Google Drive. With this, you will have an instant online backup of files. If you are going to save the Gmail attachments to Google Drive, you can download it again to your local disk which can be available for offline viewing.

The steps below will not require you to install extensions. You just have to log in to your Gmail account.

  1. Log in to your Google account first. Now, have a copy of this sheet ( to Google Docs or now called as Google Drive.
  2. Now, open the sheet and you should see the Gmail menu. Choose “Initialize” and permit it to access your Google account. This is the source ode which can prove that it will not get any of your personal information. (
  3. Lastly, go to the Gmail menu again and choose “Run”. Just lose the Google sheet and you are finished.

How it Works (Really)

It may surprise you that Google sheet alone can manipulate the Google Docs to save Gmail attachments. Well, the Google sheet you just downloaded is programmed to do such task in which it automatically detects an email containing an attachment. On the Google sheet, there is an included label of Google Drive which the program relies to.

Because of this, make sure to include GoogleDrive on every email that you will receive so that the included attachments will be automatically be downloaded to Google Drive. After setting it all up, you will have the copy of the attachments from Google Drive offline and online.

Fixing the Errors

There are chances that you may see several errors while executing the process. The most typical error would be “Service invoked too many times”. With this, you just need to increase the trigger duration on the Google sheet. To fix this, you just need to open the Google sheet. Now, choose the “Tools” tab, and then choose “Script Editor”, and then lick on “Resources”. From there, click on “Script Triggers”. Just change the value of the timer in ‘Minutes”. You can change it to “Every 15 minutes”. Ideally, just change it to “Every 5 minutes”. That will surely do the fix.

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