How to Send HTML Emails with Gmail and Google Docs

Having emails which are HTML rich can be more attractive when it comes to marketing purposes. For this case, you need to be knowledgeable on how to enable HTML emails using Gmail and Google Docs conveniently without the needs of third party software or any confusing HTML tricks.

As of now, Gmail has HTML editor which allows you to input HTML emails. It can allow you to assign HTML-rich fonts and even images, borders, and backgrounds. However, not everyone is knowledgeable on using those functions.  As of now, there is a way for you to easily create HTML emails.


The image provided shows WYSIWYG editor. It only offers basic formatting which limits you to enjoy the ability of creating HTML emails. But still, this basic editor may allow you to insert table inside the “Compose Message” box. You can also use it to create a Microsoft Word-like documents on that portion.

  1. You can use the HTML email tool ( This is a tool which is similar with the WYSIWYG basic editor but, it lets you switch to HTML view thus, allowing you to insert HTM codes if you wanted to. With this, you can compose an email message in the form of HTML codes.
  2. You can also use the ability of Google Docs on this task. Firstly, download the assigned Google Doc sheet: Now, choose Gmail. Then switch to HTML Mail to allow the Google Docs sheet in sending emails to several email addresses. After the step, go to Gmail and choose HTML Mail again. Once got there, you will see a form which contains several needed information in sending emails. Just fill them up. Then on the message field, type in the HTML message or code then hit send. You are done.

If in case you are not knowledgeable of inputting HTML codes but willing to use the 2nd option, you can just use the WYSIWYG editor to generate the right basic HTML code. From there, after generating the right HTML code from that basic editor, just copy and paste it on the message field included in the Google Docs sheet you just downloaded.

If in case you are planning to send the formulated HTML mails to multiple addresses, just put all their email addresses and separate them with commas.

For those who are wondering on how Google Docs allows this feature, it uses the internal Google Apps scripts. To see the full code of such Google Apps script, you may want to proceed to “Tools” then choose the “Script Editor”. You can start from there to create a more professional-looking HTML mails which may include tables and other HTML forms.

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