How To See Who And When Logged Into Your Computer

When we are using our PC with a lot of family members especially with our kids then we would like to keep a track of them especially when they are logging on and when they are using the PC. Even you can use it to keep a track on your friends who like to use your PC most of the time.

There are many third party utilities that allow you to see when a person has logged into your PC. But with the help of this guide you can easily see who is logging on your PC without the use of any third party utility apps which can be easily see or disabled.

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How To See Who And When Logged On Your Computer

  1. Press on your windows key and type gpedit.msc and press enter.
  2. Now navigate to local computer policy > computer configuration > windows settings > security settings > local policies > audit policy
  3. On the right side of the window double click the audit logon events and in properties windows enable success checkbox to log successful logons. You can also check the failure checkbox to see how many times there were failure to logon to windows.
  4. Now windows will record the username and time when the computer was logged on with a particular user name.
  5. To view who and when logged on your computer press on your start menu and type event viewer and press enter
  6. Now browse to security category and look for the events with the ID 4624. These represent successful logins.
  7. To see a particular event double click on it and scroll down to see more information regarding the user account that logged in your computer.
  8. You can even set up the task scheduler to mail you when someone logs in your computer.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to see when and who is logging on your computer.

If there are any other ways with which you can see who is using your computer at a particular time then do let us know.

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