How To Securely Access Your Bank Accounts From Untrusted Desktops

Sometimes you are in a public place and you need to access your bank account or other accounts in an emergency and you don’t have a choice but to visit a cybercafé to complete your job. The PC ‘s in cybercafé are not secure and they usually contain malware which steal your personal information such as log in information and send it back to the users who programmed the malware.

This way your accounts can be compromised. One way to prevent this is if you are having a USB with Linux in it as Linux OS is immune to windows malware and not many people use Linux OS for their daily use.


So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to create and use Linux from a USB drive allowing you secure access to your bank accounts or other online accounts.

How To Securely Access Your Online Accounts

  1. To create a USB drive with Linux you need to download the Ubuntu ISO file from their download page.
  2. You can follow the instruction given on their webpage to create a bootable Linux USB drive.
  3. Now to boot your portable Linux USB connect it to the computer and boot the PC from USB bringing you to the Linux desktop.
  4. Once in Linux desktop click on try Ubuntu
  5. After you are in the desktop open the firefox browser and then access your account as you normally would from a windows PC but now the system is secure as the malware is not able to access your information.
  6. After you are done with your work click on the gear shaped icon at the top right and then click on restart.
  7. During restart remove the USB drive and the PC should boot into windows.
  8. You may notice that some computers are not booting from the USB in such cases you should access the boot menu and change the boot sequence then you will be able to boot from the USB.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to access your accounts online securely. This method will make sure that you are saved from any malicious software.

Do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can access your accounts securely from an untrusted PC.

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