How To: Schedule and Promote a Post on Your Facebook Page

For business or even personalities, having the Facebook page is the ideal way of being more popular. As of now, there are millions of active Facebook users worldwide making it an ideal place for promotion. However, there is also a huge competition among those pages thus, forcing you to promote it further. Because of this need, Facebook decided to formulate some features which allow a Facebook page owner promote the page and even the posts further.

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Keep Your Page Updated

If your Facebook page will have timely updates, then your likers will be more than willing of checking your page regularly. However, it is impossible for you to be always online. With this, you may use the schedule post feature which allows you to post a particular update depending on your desired time

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  1. Write a specific status message on the status box of your Facebook page. Now, you will notice the small “clock” icon and click it. A dropdown menu will appear and input the year, date, time, and month you want that post to be auto posted on your page. Now click the “Schedule” option. You are done.
  2. If ever you wanted to edit something on that scheduled post, just go to “Page Activity Log”. It can be found in the “Admin Panel” which can also be accessed by going through the “Manage” option. From there, you can change everything on that post.


Promote Your Post or Page

Actually, this is the most helpful and effective way to promote you page or even just a post.

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  1. You can see the “Promote Your Page” option just beside the Facebook page’s profile. If you ill lick it, you will be redirected to several options which allow you to customize on how you wanted you page to be promoted on Facebook. If you have more than one Facebook pages, it will first allow you to choose on which Facebook page you wanted to be promoted.
  2. Facebook has its recent feature which allows you to promote your posts. Well, this is a very cool way of promoting your business since it will be your exact status post which will be promoted throughout Facebook.

Both of these promotions should be paid by you. However, compared to other ways of advertising, Facebook adverts can offer you the cheapest yet most effective way of advertising your business. Both of them will instruct you to choose among their offered packages and some questionnaires so that Facebook system can make it easier to categorize on which particular genre of Facebook profiles should your advertisement posted.

For example, you have a business which is all about Dog Food. With this, Facebook will post the advertisement on the side bars wherein there is a post pertaining to Dog Food. Because of this, there will be more targeted audience which you may gather.

The mode of payment for Facebook adverts can be down through PayPal and even on major credit cards. If you have your Facebook credits, it will be better.

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