How To Run Metro Apps On Your Netbook

You are a proud owner of a netbook as it allows you numerous advantage as it is light weight and portable. The maximum amount of resolution a netbook can offer is 1024×768 and if you have windows 8 installed on your netbook then this is the optimum resolution for running the metro apps.

But what if you have a netbook which offers much lower resolution and you have windows 8 installed this will not allow you to run the metro apps. We have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to run windows 8 metro apps with a couple of modification which can be easily carried out by you.

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How To Run Windows 8 Metro Apps In Netbook

  1. In your start menu type regedit and press enter
  2. Once registry editor opens up press Ctrl + F and search for display1_downscaling_supported after press enter
  3. You should be able to see a setting names display1_downscalingsupported in right side and double click it to set the value to 1
  4. Then again press F3 to open the search and search for every display1_downscalingsupported setting to 1
  5. After you have done the changes to all the display down scaling restart your computer.
  6. Now open your screen resolution and you can change it to 1024×768 and will be able to launch the modern apps.
  7. If after restart you see a black screen then you can boot into safe mode and undo the changes that you made.

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There you have an easy guide to change your netbook resolution and you can use the metro apps in your windows 8 netbook.

If you know of any other way with which you can change the resolution of your netbook so that you can run metro apps then do let us know.

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