How to Run Java Programs Without Installing Java

A lot of applications or we must say all of the applications running online will require you to download Java application. However, there are some instances that you are limited that you cannot access Java maybe because a computer has not installed Java yet or you are not just used to downloading apps. Java application is also noted as one of the programs running the background which slows down Pc’s performance. This is understandable since that Java application tries to upgrade the system’s usage for an application which needs the backup of Java.

Java Programs Without Installing Java

Since this is the case, you may now bring a Java application wherever you go. You can now install it on any portable disk or a flash drive to be particular. You can download the portable program from which is named as jPorttable. This is a Java Runtime Environment application in a portable format. This means that one you insert the flash drive, it will automatically run in the background but once remove, JRE will not be present.

Steps of Download:

  1. Keep in mind that this is a web installer. This means that you need an access online to download the portable application. Do not worry that much since for sure it will be downloaded quickly as it has only a size of 38 megabytes. The speed of download depends on the internet speed and stability you have for your system.
  2. If you did not alter anything while on the installation process, it will be automatically installed to PortableAppsCommonFilesJava folder.
  3. If you are planning to use the portable JRE to RSSOwn, you will just need to copy the whole thing to the directory of RSSOwl. From there, just rename the folder to JRE so that the system can detect it as a Java application.

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