How To Root Your Android Device

Android is the highly versatile OS available till date. It is highly customizable and if you are unhappy with how the phone works then you can change or customize the entire way your phone behaves to match your needs. While most people are happy with the customizable option that android offers but you can open a whole new level of customization by rooting your device.

Rooting allows you to get access to the system files that allows you extra access to whole new features that you previously thought impossible. In addition you are also able to use the root only apps that are available in the play store. These apps offer numerous extra feature that make it more fun using an android device.


In addition to installing root apps you can also flash your phone with custom ROM which opens up a new world of possibilities. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to take a look at some of the ways for rooting a phone.

How To Root An Android Device

  1. Before you get started on rooting your android device you should back up all your data either to your SD card or to cloud. You can also use titanium backup to back up your apps.
  2. If you are having one of the older android devices and you want to try installing new ROM’s in it then you need to root it first. To root your device go to and follow the instructions to root your device.
  3. To use the SuperOneClick method to root your device first download the SuperOneClick program on your PC. On your android device go to settings > applications > development and switch on USB Debugging. Then connect you android device to your PC with USB cable and click on root.
  4. If you are an owner of a nexus device then to root it you simply have to download the Nexus Root toolkit which you can then install and root your device with a single click.
  5. You are a proud owner of HTC One X and to root the device you need to download HTC One X All-in-one toolkit available at Download and unpack the toolkit in your desktop and follow the instructions to root your device.
  6. Sometimes to root HTC One X it may be necessary to unlock the bootloader of the device. Go to and select all other models from the drop down menu. The site will make you go through all the process before you download it. After downloading it go back to All-In-One tool to root your device.
  7. There are so many android device available so sometimes it’s difficult to find the exact method for rooting your device. If you want to find the list of popular devices then you can follow the guide at or you could also try having a look at the XDA forum.


There you have some of the way with which you can get your devices rooted.

If you know of any other ways with which you can easily root your android device do let us know.

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