How To Reset Your Mac OS X Password

Whether you are a windows user or a Linux or MAC it must have happened to you that you forgot your password that you use to log in to your desktop.

Those times are really irritating you try a bunch of passwords but none of them seem to work so at those moments the only option remaining to you is to reset the password and gain direct access.

Reset Mac Password

In previous posts we have covered how to use Linux to recover or reset your forgotten password in windows but in this post we will take a look at the ways with which you can reset or recover your lost MAC OS password.

Well the good part about MAC OS X is that are some very easy ways with which you can retrieve the password without much hassle. So we have prepared a guide for you which will help you to recover the password.

Use Mac OS X Install Disk For Password Recovery

  1. After you insert the disk start the installation
  2. Once the installer has started click on utilities and select reset password
  3. Now you have to select the volume which contains the account with password which you need to reset.
  4. Choose the account from drop down menu and create a new password and also you have the option to create a password hint.
  5. You should also reset the ACLs because you have changed your password
  6. After you are done save and restart your MAC
  7. Log in with your newly created password

Trick OS X Into Running The First Boot

This is one of the easiest ways that you can use for resetting your password and into involves you to boot into single user mode and deleting a file that tells your OS X that first boot has run.

  1. To boot into single user mode press and hold Command and S keys when your computer is rebooting
  2. After you have booted into single user mode you have to mount the volume which you need to enter and most of the time it is your boot disk. To mount enter the following command sudo mount -uw /
  3. Now you need to remove the file that tells OS X that setup already has run. To remove the file enter the following command rm -rf /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
  4. Now you have to reboot so enter the command reboot
  5. Once your MAC starts it will be like the first time you are installing MAC OS X so click next on the first two screens
  6. Once you reach the screen which shows do you already own a MAC select “do not transfer my information now”
  7. Click continue and once you reach the screen which shows “Enter Your Apple ID” press Command and Q keys to skip the remaining prompts. Click on skip if it asks you.
  8. Create a new administrator account to enter the system preferences
  9. Click through until you reach the “Thank You” screen then click Go uand you will enter the system preferences.
  10. There enter the accounts pane and select the account for which you want the password to reset then click on Reset Password
  11. Enter the new password and also you can set a password hint if you want.
  12. Log out and now you can log in to the account with your new password

I hope the guide has been helpful to you and you were able to reset your password. If you know any other way, do let us know.

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