How to Remove Two Irritants to Make the Windows 8 Experience Better

With a truckload of new features, Windows 8 sure won many admirers all over the world. Microsoft had gambled on the fact that the future lies in having a robust ecosystem instead of just a good operating system. Windows 8 addressed this requirement perfectly with its release. However, as users spend more time on Windows 8, they are chancing upon some notable irritants that somewhat hamper the experience of using the operating system.


Squinting Because of the High Resolution?

Windows 8 was designed considering the fact that it was going to be deployed on a wide range of tablets and laptop-tablet hybrids. Most such devices released until now sport full HD (1080p) resolution screens with IPS technology. This has endowed the devices with fantastic image quality with uniform contrast levels and natural color reproduction. The high resolution screen also allows users to pack-in more content onto their screens. However, there is also a downside to this.


Most of these full HD resolution displays are squeezed into 10, or at the most 12, inch frames. This extremely high pixel density does produce exceptionally clear and sharp pictures. But on the consequently, the text gets too tiny for most people’s liking, especially in the desktop mode. Thankfully, there is a workaround to get over and it has found its way into Windows 8.

Start by right-clicking over the desktop and then choose ‘Screen Resolution’. Now click on the option named ‘Make text and other items larger and smaller’. Now if you plan to use your device in the touchscreen mode (i.e. gesture enabled); sticking to the option ‘Change the size of all items’ works great. It increases the icon as well as the text size; making touch commands easier. If, however, you want only the text to be larger, just choose the ‘Change only the text size’ option. You also get to choose from different types of text.

Doing Away with Bing!

Let’s get this out of the way. Most people love Google and prefer to perform our searches through its search engine. However, as a Windows 8 user, you just cannot ignore the prominently visible Bing search app. In fairness though, the app’s image filled design does integrate very well with the ultra-modern design of Windows 8.


The quirk though lies in the fact that whenever you click on any of the search results presented by Bing, the app directs you straight to the selected link via Internet Explorer. If you think that this is annoying, you are certainly not alone.

To avoid this, simply pin to your device’s Start screen. To do this, visit and click on the toolbar option that says ‘Pin This Site’. Finish off by selecting the ‘Pin to Start’ option. And that’s it, you’ve taken care of that minor irritant.

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