How to Remove Facebook Timeline Profile Layout and Get Back Old Facebook Profile

Many Facebook users were disappointed after finding out that they just got the Facebook Timeline. This is a Facebook update which is not pleasing to all Facebook users. Well, this is understandable as reading the timeline can be painful as there is a “scrolling” down of the Facebook wall which does not look convenient. Because of this, when you got into this burden, you may look for ways which can help you revert back to original and classic look of Facebook which is more relaxing to one’s eyes.

Remove Facebook Timeline Layout

Ways of Removing the Facebook Timeline

  1. Use the mobile version of Facebook even by using computer. This is allowed. You just need to use the URL instead of the typical With this, you will have the ability to control over the mobile version of Facebook but will limit you to accessing applications and Facebook chat. However, if you will compare the loading time, loading of the complete page of Facebook mobile version is a lot faster than the web version.
  2. You can also use the Timeline Remove which is a Google Chrome extension. This is a powerful web extension provided by Google Chrome which enables you to go back to the classic look of your Facebook wall and profile. If you are interested of loading this Google Chrome extension, you can follow this link: Once downloaded, you just have to restart Google Chrome by exiting the web browser and opening it again.
  3. If you are a Firefox user, you can also download an extension which works similarly with the Timeline Remove Google Chrome extension. However, you will need to directly go to the and download the extension which is designed for the Firefox browser. That will effectively remove the Facebook timeline.

Removing the Ticker Box, Navigation Bar, and Timeline on your Facebook Profile

  1. Actually, the ticker box is one of the scariest things you will find on Facebook. This is a threat since people will be updated on all of your activities within the site. Well, this is quite a very public way especially when you are a person who is not interested of letting everybody know on what you do while on the website. With this, you can go on to this link and check for the latest extensions for web browsers to disable the ticket box.
  2. It is quite irritating that as you scroll down on the Facebook site, the blue navigation bar stays at the top. Well, you can also use a particular web browser extension (
  3. The latest ways of removing the Timeline feature of Facebook was already shown above. As Facebook continue to release updates, there will also be endless updates on how to get rid of it. However, between the 2 ways of getting rid of Facebook Timeline (mobile version and web browser extension), it can be safe to say that the latter one is the most effective. It does not limit you to any of the palatable features of Facebook.
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