How To Remove Bloatware From Your Android Device

Most android users must have heard of the term called bloatware which is basically all the preinstalled apps that the manufacturers put in the phone. Most of the time the apps are useless and they just eat up precious memory or even you’re RAM thus slowing down the phone.

The worst part of bloatware is that you can’t remove them easily through normal means. To remove them you need to have a rooted phone and root apps then you can remove them safely from your device.


We have prepared a guide for you using the Nobloat app which will guide you through on how to remove the bloatware from your android device. We even have included a way on how to restore the bloatware app in case if they are causing some problems in your device.

How To Remove Bloatware

  1. Make sure your phone is rooted and then visit the play store to download and install the Nobloat free app.
  2. After installation is complete launch the app and it will ask for root permission so grant it access.
  3. Once in the app tap on the system apps to see all the apps that are installed on your system. The apps that have an android icon are usually system apps so removing or disabling them can cause stability issues in your device.
  4. Before we proceed with disabling or deleting an app its advisable to make a backup of all the apps that are installed in your device because certain fail to restore a disabled app. To backup long press on an app icon and a menu will appear and from that menu select backup.
  5. After you have backed up the app again long press on the app and this time select disable and press ok. The app will disappear from your list and will be hidden.
  6. To restore a disabled app launch the nobloat app and then tap on disabled apps. It will show a list of all the apps that you have disabled. Long press the apps to restore and choose enable.
  7. To remove a bloatware completely from your device long press on the app icon and select backup and delete. The app will be backed up and then deleted from your system.
  8. If you are sure that removing a particular app will not cause any system stability issue then you can delete it permanently. Long press the app icon and then select delete without backup.
  9. If you want to restore a deleted app then head to the backup app options and you will see the list of apps that have been backed up. You can restore the apps by long pressing on them.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to remove bloatware from your android device easily.

Let us know if you know or come across another way with which you can remove the bloatware from your android device easily.

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