How to Reduce the File Size of Google Fonts for your Website

If you have a website, the main thing you may have in your mind is on how to make it load faster so that online visitors will find it easy to browse through your web page. Actually, having the largest bandwidth service may not be as effective if you will fail to manipulate some of the options included on your website itself. For example are the Google Fonts. It is a wide collection of fonts provided by Google which are suitable for most websites. Google Fonts may be endearing to one’s eyes, but it can also slow down your website.

With this, you can always reduce its size. This tutorial will teach you how to succeed with this.

Reduce the File Size of Google Fonts for your Website

Firstly, you will need to assign a new text parameter to your Google Font request link for your website. This parameter controls all the fonts included on your web page. See the image provided for a quick example.

Google Font request

Typical Google Fonts may have around 100+ kb. But if you are going to limit the type of Google Fonts which are stored on your website, it can be reduced up to 7 kb. You can always reduce the fonts by omitting unused type of letters on your stored Google Fonts. It is true that more than half percent of the whole Google Fonts file are useless.

Most of the time, Google Fonts are used for Headings, Titles, and other highlighted materials on your website which includes letters. With this, you may use the Cascading Style Sheet (CSSS) to modify the types of fonts to be used. Also, if you are not after a very advanced view of fonts, just assign an even look for all the fonts which can make it occupy lesser space for your web page.

Now, after assigning such customization, you can achieve an excessively low memory assigned to Google Fonts. However, you need to be aware that it may look less catchy but if in case you have rich content, then it is all right. Take note that even signs and symbols can also acquire space on Google Fonts.

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