How to Record Screencasts of your iPad or iPhone

If you are an application developer and want to record an in-depth review of applications on your iPad and iPhone or make tutorials better, then you need to have an effective screencast tool. Along with this is the fact that it is iPad and iPhone which prevailed to be the best hen it comes to applications and popular reviews always include iPhone and iPad. Well, with the perfect and right process with screencast tool, you will have an extraordinary review.

Record Screencasts iPad

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Using Screenshot Images

This is the easiest and fastest way to screencast images or videos from your iPad or iPhone. Just take a couple of screenshots then turn it into a video using several programs such as iMovie for Mac users and Windows Live Movie Maker. If you are not comfortable of using movie makers in compiling the screenshots, then just settle with the PowerPoint presentation. The slide show of the PowerPoint presentation maybe again recorded using Camtasia.

Using Dedicated Video Capture Card

iPhone and iPad can be easily connected to a new breed of monitor by using a VGA cable or HDMI adapter. As long as the monitor can support the requirements of the 2 gadgets, that will be fine. You just need to connect the iPad or iPhone to the external monitor. On that external monitor, use a video capture card to record it. As of now, it is the Blackmagic Design and AverTV HD which can effectively high definition videos from the monitor. Although effective, the video card is very expensive.

Using the Display Recorder

This is an application which can be downloaded to iPad or iPhone. This effectively screencasts the display on the screen but, it cannot record the sounds. The output video file can be in a MP4 or avi format. It can be uploaded to YouTube easily. If you are worrying about the absence of the sounds, there are some other programs which can do the trick.

Using Whiteboard Applications

This is a unique application which can be found typically on iPad. This application can screencast all the events on the screen and you may even accompany bit with your doodle to explain the screencast better. Some of the popular whiteboard apps are Explain Everything, Educreations, DoodleCast Pro, ShowMe, ReplayNote, and Screenchomp. However, among these choices, the best one would be Explain Everything.

Using AirPlay

Actually, this process is only available for Mac users. AirPlay is a default program for Mac. This will wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac’s screen allowing you to screencast it using the Reflection app. Just use Camtasia one again to make the process easier.

Using a Digital Camera

Well, this is the most basic and cheapest way of having a screencast. To have a high definition of screencast, make sure you also have a HD digital camera. You can just directly focus the camera lens to your iPad or iPhone. The crucial part of this is that you need to hold on the digital camera without doing any movement to avoid blurring. To avoid this burden, it is advisable for you to get a tripod and set the digital camera there.

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