How To Protect Your Android Device From Malware And Unwanted Connections

Viruses and malware are rare on android if you install the apps from the Play store because Google have enhanced the security and also they make sure only trusted and authorized android app developers apps are available.

But sometimes there are certain third party apps that you want but they are not available in the play store and you download it from some unknown websites. Such apps carry the risk of being malware and also they are able to steal your details from the phone and all your records. Some of the apps also create unwanted internet connections and exhaust your data package.


You can prevent this from happening by installing an anti-virus app. There are many anti-virus app available in the play store that you can choose from but for the purpose of this guide we have chosen the Avast anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is a must for android device no device should be without one.


How To Protect Your Android Device

1. Visit the play store from your android device and search for avast anti-virus app. Install the app and launch it. It will first scan your device before displaying the menu with different options.

2. Every time you install an app make sure to scan it with the by tapping on the green button to make sure that its not some form of malware.

3. You can also schedule weekly or daily scans by ticking on the Automatic Scan box.

4. From the first screen of the app you can tap on the app management to see the details of the app that you have installed such as how much memory, CPU usage as well as what kind of information the app access.


So there you have a simple guide with which you can protect your android device from malwares and also prevent unauthorized internet connections.

Do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can protect your android device from malwares.

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