How to Print Wikipedia Articles on Paper

If you are going to use the Wikipedia articles as project and needed it to be printed on a paper, then there are lots of ways for you to print it effectively and efficiently. Keep in mind that you need to save ink and paper since they are not that cheap as you expected.

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If you will notice, pressing ctrl+p to immediately send a Wikipedia article to the printer is now a good idea as you may notice useless colored inks. Actually, this is the bad thing about Wikipedia pages. You may even print out the advertisements from that Wikipedia page. Well, that’s ugly for a project.

Print Wikipedia Page

Saving Paper and Ink in Printing Wikipedia Pages

If you are just going to print a summary of a particular Wikipedia page, then going to the is the best one. It can effectively format a summary of a Wikipedia story and remove all the unnecessary links and citations. Also, formatting the Wikipedia page using Lexisum can allow you to fit it on various and popular paper print out sizes. You can even change the used fonts to make it look unique.

Printing the Whole Wikipedia Article

Lexisum is a great tool in printing and formatting summaries but not for the whole article. You can try settling with the This is also a free tool which allows you to format the whole Wikipedia article making it look a decent document. You are allowed to put or remove images and even change the font. You can also adjust the margin if requested by the practitioner.

PDF Files from Wikipedia for Multiple Printing

The above-mentioned printing solutions of PDF files are really handy in printing small scales of printing of Wikipedia articles. But if you are going to deal with multiple Wikipedia articles, then just settle with the The process of this website is quite simple. It gathers all the links of the Wikipedia pages you are ought to print. Then, it will automatically turn into a multiple-paged PDF book. You will then need to edit the whole document from there then connect it to the printer.

All the processes above are the known legal way of printing Wikipedia pages. As of now, there is a growing number of websites and programs as well which can help you print Wikipedia articles easily. You can use the search engines to view more of them which may look more convenient for you to be used.

All of the provided services above are FREE. You just need to be connected to the internet to access the full capabilities of such processes. Since they are free of charge, you can always look for paid versions which are indeed great in dealing with such tasks.

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