How to Print Multiple Wikipedia Articles to a Single PDF

Wikipedia is known as the website which can provide hundreds of updated information regarding different subjects. With this, you may like copying the information and convert it in a PDF file to make it readable on e-book readers. Well, this is possible without the need of using 3rd party software. Using a few mouse clicks.

Print Wikipedia Page To PDF

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Here is the link to PDF book found on search engines which are created to convert Wikipedia pages into PDF files conveniently. Actually, the built-in PDF tool provided by Wikipedia is perfectly formatted compared to other popular programs which do the same thing. The PDF tool provided by Wikipedia can even include links to the citations included in the text.

  1. Start the PDF creator tool which is present inside the Wikipedia (
  2. Now, go to the Wikipedia page which can be accessed by searching for a particular topic. Now, on the top screen, you will view the printing options on the top screen. If you cannot find it, then just go to this link:
  3. After that, you will be redirected to the “Print Multiple Pages” screen which will allow you to finally print out the Wikipedia pages you have chosen.
  4. After creating the whole PDF book, you can now proceed to the “Selected Pages” box which will allow you to put all the PDF copies in a single file. Ideally, the PDF file will be in a HTML form which is a lot colorful than any other type of PDF file.
  5. After finishing the compilation process, you can now copy the whole file to your printer. Just click the ctrl+p function which is a shortcut for the print function. Since you will surely need a copy for yourself before printing it out, you will just need to “Save” the file to your computer then proceed with the printing steps. You can also transfer the texts from the PDF file to any of the word document such as DOC or DOCX, even to a .txt file.

Keep in mind that all the Wikipedia PDF documents that you may obtain are under the copyrights of Wikipedia. If in case you are going to submit it as reference, make sure to give credits to Wikipedia to avoid disputes.

The image below is a glimpse on how a PDF book obtained from Wikipedia will look like. From this image, you will see how spectacular your e-book will look like which is far better from the appearance of the typical PDFs which you can find on most sites. As of now, it is only the Wikipedia which has the tool which can animate a “realistic” book using the PDF format. This is perfect for e-book readers and even on PC.

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