How To Power Cycle Gadgets To Fix Freezes And Other Software Problems

There have been times when you are using your gadget whether it be your phone or your laptop and it suddenly completely freezes up. Nothing you do seems to restart your device and bring it back to normal until and less you yank the battery out.

In most of the case the freezing up of your device is caused due to software issues that occurs due to clashing of different codes or you are trying to run more than one task at the same time which causes the software to crash. At other times it’s caused due to faulty hardware which at times just stops working.


So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to power cycle your gadget when it freezes if you are having a gadget in which the battery cannot be removed.

How To Power Cycle Your Gadget

  1. In devices where the battery can be removed you first make sure that your frozen device is not plugged in or charging. Then remove the battery from your device and after several seconds reinsert the battery and power on the device. Your device will come back to life.
  2. If you are an owner of Nexus 7 or kindle device and you are dealing with freeze up then just hold the power button for 30 sec or more. This will force your device to restart. The same trick can be used on other tablets.
  3. If you are an IPhone user then to restart your device from the frozen state hold down the power and home button together for 10sec at least.
  4. If you have similar smartphone with non-removable battery then you should look up for the button combination that will allow you to restart your phone.
  5. For a device with no batter or power button such as your router or modem when it becomes unresponsive just unplug the power cable and after waiting for 10-30sec plug in the device. This will return your device to normal state.
  6. In some case unplugging and plugging back your device doesn’t solve the problem in such cases you need to reset your device by accessing the pin hole reset device with some bent paper clip or tooth pick. But this should be your last resort because it will restore your devices factory settings. So it’s always advisable to unplug the power cable and check whether it helps or not before attempting to press the reset button.


There you have some of the ways with which you can power cycle your gadget. If none of the above methods work to power on your device then it would mean that your device is dead and the problem is most likely at the hardware level. So visit your nearest service center for more through diagnostic on your device.

Do let us know if there are any other ways which can bring back your frozen device to operation.

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