How to Post Your Blog Posts Automatically On Google+?

Google+, the in-house social network from Google, is improving its feature set every passing day. The social network comes out with new feature accouchements quite frequently, which surely will help in its quest to become the best social network out there. Google+ also does not shy away from borrowing useful features of its competitors. For example, Google+ Pages was started to compete with Facebook’s very own Fan Pages.


However, users of Google+ still can’t syndicate content like blog posts to their accounts like the way it is possible with Facebook’s Fan Pages and Twitter. Thankfully, there is a workaround that one can use to get around this caveat, more so if your blog is hosted by Google’s very own Blogger platform. This workaround is based on using RSS feeds, which would ensure that all blog posts by you automatically find their way onto Google+. This workaround is valid for a lifetime and won’t require any further fine-tuning from your side.

What You Require for the Purpose?

    • A Google account and an associated Google+ Fan Page.
    • An account with Hootsuite, which is an app that allows you to manage all your social networks from a single place.


Publishing Your Blog Posts Automatically to Google+

  • Start off by logging into your Hootsuite account. Make sure you have set up your Google+ Pages beforehand.
  • Hootsuite is offering support for Google+ only now and this has proved quite useful for many users to syndicate content of different types.
  • In case of new users, Hootsuite asks for the addition of new social networking accounts. Here, you need to add your Google+ account.
  • Go to the Hootsuite settings page when you have finished adding all profiles and pages belonging to your Google+ account. The settings option can be identified by a wrench icon placed next to it. Clicking on it will cause a pop-up to appear.
  • When this pop-up turns up, select the option ‘RSS/Atom’ located on the left panel.
  • Now click the Plus tab and fill up all the important details it asks for. This includes details like ‘Profiles to send feed item to’, ‘Feed URL’, ‘Feed post frequency’ and a few more. While here, you may also include a custom message (up to a maximum of 20 characters) that appears with each feed. There is also a provision to shorten any URL if you desire so.
  • Now save the feed. Also ensure that the status of the feed is turned to ‘ON’.

By following this procedure, you have successfully set up feeds in the Hootsuite account. This will ensure that all your new blog posts are directly published on Google+ Pages through the use of RSS feeds. In this way, your blogs and profiles can be published on Google+ automatically without doing anything manually.

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