How to Post Facebook Updates to Twitter?

The latest buzz in the social networking town concerns Facebook allowing its users to post their updates on the site to Twitter, which is yet another popular social networking site. Logically, this move by Facebook can be linked to a few of its other recent moves, all of which are in line with the company’s newfound Subscriptions feature. A notable highlight of this feature includes Facebook users being able to subscribe to fellow users without befriending them first. But now, in addition to sharing your updates with people not on your Facebook friends list, the site allows you to post your Facebook status posts publicly to a connected Twitter account.


Added-in Advantages

The advantages of the same are many, especially for those spending quite an amount of time and money in being actively visible on both platforms. Immediate examples include bands, businesses, public figures etc. The ability to do this cuts down on the workload by a major degree since all one is required to do is post an update on Facebook and within no time, the update finds its way into the linked Twitter account.

Facebook has now extended the same feature to individual accounts as well. So in case you have an active Twitter account as well, you can use the new feature to make sure that every new Facebook update results in a new tweet automatically.


So here’s how to go about it;

    • Follow this link,
    • Click on the green colored button named ‘Link My Profile to Twitter’.
    • Now click on the blue colored button named ‘Authorize app’.
    • Next up are two options that you need to specify,

1) choose which of your Facebook items are shared with the public on Twitter

2) finalize your choice by clicking on the blue colored button titled ‘Save Changes’.

Once you have successfully linked the two accounts, a tweet will be sent out automatically every moment you post something publicly on Facebook. The feature can be setup and started by following the first three steps only as well. However, it is advisable for you to follow up with the last two steps as well. This ensures you have the right to decide what exactly goes public and what does not. Simply put, people fearing privacy breaches can use this option to effectively stop everything that is personal on your Facebook page from going public on Twitter.

This feature was offered by quite a few applications in the recent past that were created by third-party developers. But most of them were blocked by Facebook quite meticulously. The company’s stance was quite strict as it did not want the content being shared on its social network to be seen anywhere else. Thankfully, to the benefit of millions of users, better sense seems to have prevailed.

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