How To Overclock Your Android Device

You might be happy with your android device but sometimes you have noticed while launching an app or some game your android device becomes slow and laggy. Well you can prevent that from happening by overclocking your android device so that you can get the optimum speed.

But remember while overclocking might improve the speed of your device the drain on your battery will be more significant and also the excess heat that is produced is always harmful to your device. But similarly overclocking your PC the benefits that you reap may outweigh the risks.


So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to overclock your android device so that you can keep apps and games nice and smooth. For the purpose of this guide we have used the android overclock app which is available in play store for $1.99.

How To Overclock Your Android

  1. Before you can use this app make sure that your phone is rooted. Visit the play store to download the app and launch it. It will ask for root access so grant the permission and get ready to overclock and manage your android.
  2. To overclock your phone select the cpu frequency scaling from the main menu
  3. You will notice two sliders. The first slider lets you control the maximum frequency at which your CPU will operate and the second slider lets you control the minimum frequency. If you are increasing the maximum do it in slowly and gradually if you increase it to max suddenly you risk damaging your phone.
  4. After you have adjusted the frequency to your needs now reboot your phone so that the changes can take effect. After the phone has booted make sure its stable then again launch the app and push the frequency higher.
  5. You can get more information regarding the current performance of your phone by using the slider at the right edge of the screen. Slid it to reveal a panel to display the information such as temperature and processor speed etc.
  6. You can also create profiles and save your settings. To create profiles tap on menu button of your phone and tap profiles. With profiles you can quickly access the settings that suits your needs.
  7. In profiles you can set the maximum temperature and clock speed your phone can achieve without getting damaged and you can see the progress in your notification bar. You can set up in such a way if the temperature goes too high your phone should revert to the profile where clock speed is less.
  8. You can view the performance of your phone by placing the android overclock widget on your home screen. So you no longer have to open the app to see the details of your changes.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to overclock your phone and get a performance boost in various apps and games.

Do let us know if you come across any other app that allows you to safely overclock your phone and get the maximum performance out of it.

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