How To Open Zip Files In Windows 7

Zip files are compressed archives, which can used to compress one or more files, folders into a single file for reducing the storage space of those files. In other words, Zip files are the space-saving way of storing one or more files, folders.

Unlike normal files which you can open in Windows 7 without the need of any third party software, you can’t open Zip files. For opening zip files, you will need specialized software which will decompress the files, folders in the “Archives” back to its original state. Let’s see a simple tutorial for opening Zip files in Windows 7.

Open A Zip In Windows 7

How To Open Zip Files In Windows 7

1) To get started you will need to install a third party software for opening Zip files. We recommend you to install WinZip or WinRAR, since these are two best software’s available out there.

2) Lets assume that you have installed, WinRAR. After the installation process, open WinRAR by following the path – Start > All Programs > WinRAR folder > WinRAR.

3) You will see the WinRAR window opening up in your screen. Now click on “File” followed by “Open Archive”. Now select the Zip file from your computer and click on “Open”.

4) Now you will see the list of files your Zip file has inside the WinRAR window. To extract them to a specified folder in your computer, just click on “Extract To” followed by selecting the destination folder. Once you have selected the destination folder, Click on “Ok”.

The files inside the Zip or “Archive” will now get decompressed and transferred to your specified location.

That’s it. Now you have successfully opened a zip file and decompressed the files inside it with the help of WinRAR in Windows 7.

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