How To Mount Hard Drive As A Folder In Windows

Having one or more hard disk is always beneficial as you get more storage space for your data and also you are able to make more backups. But having more than two or hard drives can become messy and also sometimes you may confuse where you have stored your data.

With this guide you will be able to avoid the confusion problem and also keep you’re my computer area clean and tidy. You will be able to use the hard drives as folder on another drive but the files will be stored on the drive which you have made a folder of.

Mount Hard Drive As Windows Folder

How To Mount Your Hard Drive:

  1. You can right click on your my computer icon and click on manage and from there you can enter the disk management options. Or you can just press the windows key and R to bring up the run dialog box where you can type the command diskmgmt.msc to enter the disk management console.
  2. Backup the data on the drive which you are intending to create a folder of.
  3. After the disk management console has opened up you need to delete the volume of the disk you want to create a folder of. So right click on the volume and click on delete volume.
  4. After the volume has been deleted right click on it again and this time select new simple volume.
  5. It will start a wizard and click next.
  6. In the next screen keep the default size of the drive to use it completely and click next
  7. In this window you need to choose the unselected radio which will enable you to use the drive as the folder. You need to select Mount in the following NTFS Folder
  8. Click on browse button and select an empty folder which will be used as a mount point for the drive.
  9. In this screen make sure to select the file system as NTFS and put a volume label and select the box perform a quick format.
  10. Once you click on next you will be taken to a window which will show you the summary of your selection and once you have made sure of your choices click on finish to complete the wizard.
  11. The drive will appear as a normal folder in the hard drive you have selected but the files that are being stored in the folder will actually be stored in the hard drive which you have just used to create the folder.

Hopefully this guide has been help to you in managing your hard disks. You can repeat the entire process and mount as many hard disks as you want as folder.

Just make sure to create a backup of the data in the hard drives that you are planning to use as folder.

You can use this guide to mount hard drive as folder in any windows PC because the entire process is same.

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  1. That is interesting. I wonder if it will allow you to backup the data on an external hard drive with Carbonite if it is mounted as a folder – unless Carbonite now allows backing up from external hard drives.

    You can also use the subst command to substitute a drive for a folder on the local system, although the folder won’t exist after a reboot unless you rerun the subst command.

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