How to Monitor a Computer Remotely with Dropbox

Monitoring the activities on your desktop or laptop even if your atre in a remote place is important especially if you have serveral reasons for it. Actually, there is a website which is now used conveniently to monitor your desktop or laptop even if you are away from it. It is called the DropBox.

Once of the reasons you may have is that you want to monitor the activities done by your child in using the computer. Keep in mind that as long as you will not tell it to your child, he will not likely know this. Well, this is a way of tracking him down if he is beginning to search on “inappropriate” online content.

Monitor Computer With Dropbox

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Another one is you have a computer which is often left in your room. You have demanded the people inside your house to prevent it from being used without your permission. If in case you do not trust them that much, then you always have the ability to use the services of DropBox with it. With DropBox, you can view if someone is starting to use your computer without your permission.

You may also left your computer open because it is downloding or uploading important file(s). With DropBox, you have the ability to track down the progress and just attend to it when the process has been finished already.

The tutorial below will just help you to monitor and track down all the activities happening on your computer remotely, but will NEVER allow you to control it.

Using DropBox for Remote Monitoring

Actually, DropBox has been found before to be able to shut down a computer remotely. With this, you can now allow yourself to monitor the desktop using the ability of DropBox to receive continuous flow of files. The DropBox cloud is able to carry tremendous amount of images and this is the way for you to monitor your desktop remotely. Since DropBox is an online utility, you can access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, even to your mobile phone.

To start, you will need a particular software naming AutoScreenCap (Download link: This software is used to have an automated screen shot on your desktop.

To make AutoScreenCap perfect for DropBox in helping you to monitor your computer remotely, follow the steps below:

Set the interval of the automated screen shot to five (5) seconds. This can be seen beside the “ScreenCapture Interval”.

Now, make sure to set the “Folder for screen shots” to the local folder for DropBox present on your computer.

If you wanted to set the quality and size of screen shots which will be forwarded to your DropBox cloud, under the “Screenshots output” and beside the “JPG Quality” drag the cursor to the optimal percentage. Below it, there is the “Approx. output file size” which tells you the approximate file size which will be sent to your DropBox cloud.

That’s it! This will allow you to have the 5 second interval screen shot directly to your DropBox cloud. This will be automatically run after connecting the computer to the internet.

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