How To Manage Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

If you are a new Google Chrome user, then I am pretty sure that you will have a hard time in managing your saved passwords. Even when I started using Google Chrome, I couldn’t find the exact location of the saved passwords. But after few days of testing and trying I finally found it and I am sharing my guide with all of you to make your Google Chrome experience hassle free right from day one!

Manage Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

Manage Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

1) After opening Google Chrome, click on the customize and control icon at the top right corner.

2) You will see a Menu showing up with plenty of options. Click on “Settings” in it.

3) A separate tab will open up in Google Chrome showing all the basic settings. Now scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click on Advanced settings.

4) Now you will see the advanced settings. Just scroll down until you find “Password and Forms” options and click on the “Manage Saved Passwords” option available in there.

5) A new window will open up inside the Google Chrome with all your saved passwords and you can manage them all from there.

Well that’s easy, right?

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