How To Manage Multiple Computers With Soluto

If you are having multiple computers on which you work and you need to manage at the click of a button rather than going to each one and doing the settings and optimization then Soluto is the best application for you.

With soluto you can manage and also troubleshoot multiple computers. All you need to do is add them to your list and you are ready. You can even optimize different programs on multiple computers and how they run without even going to each computer.


We have written a guide for you that will allow you to us soluto efficiently and also help you to set it up so that you don’t face any difficulty.

Getting To Know Soluto

  1. To use Soluto visit their website and sign up for a free account and then download the solute client to your current computer from their web interface.
  2. Now in the My PCs page you can add computers which are belonging to your friends and family and also this page can help you to troubleshoot their tech problems.
  3. They don’t have to be online for their problems to be solved. Once you have troubleshooted their problems it gets saved and added to the queue. After they come online soluto will perform the actions for you.

Startup Programs Analysis By Soluto

  1. After you have installed the desktop client of soluto you need to reboot your desktop.
  2. After your computer restarts soluto will see the startup programs and see what impact they have on your boot time.
  3. The web interface has much more options than the desktop client.
  4. After you visit the web page click on Chop Boot to manage the startup programs on your computer
  5. Soluto will inform you about what impact each startup program has on your boot time and you can disable them, pause them or enable delayed launch when your computer is idle
  6. After you have made the changes soluto will show you the impact will have due to your changes and save your work.

Managing the Web Browser

  1. Having a fast and efficient web browser helps you in getting your work done and also doesn’t irritate you. So with soluto you can manage the web browser making sure that there is no slow down.
  2. This is helpful in managing other people’s web browser where you can use soluto to disable add-ons that are responsible for slowdowns.
  3. You can also change the default browser, homepage, search engine etc.

Managing Applications, Security And Hardware

  1. With soluto you can easily manage the most commonly used application without ever disturbing the user.
  2. You can install or even update an application and all the process happens in the background
  3. You can also check the security settings of the computer and verify that firewall and antivirus are working perfectly
  4. You can even install firewall and antivirus easily
  5. With soluto you can even know about the state of your computer or other users computer and manage them or help them to fix it.

Soluto is a very useful tool that makes tech support very interesting and also pinpoints the problem that needs immediate attention. Soluto is the perfect tool for remote desktop trouble shooting.

If you come across any other way which helps us similar to what soluto does then do let us know.

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