How To Make Your Widows 7 Use Less Space In System Restore Files

There are times when you need an extra space on your hard drive for emergency purpose and when you perform a maintenance on your hard drive you do recover some of the space back. But the biggest surprise comes when you clean up your old system restore files which frees up to at least 5 to 9 GB of free space.


System restore is important because it will allow you to restore your system to an earlier date in the event of a system crash. But if you want the system restore to take up less hard drive space then we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to configure system restore on your windows 7.

How To Tweak System Restore Disk Usage

  1. Right click on your computer icon and then click on properties.
  2. Once in system panel look to your left side and click on system protection
  3. This will open up the system properties windows and then click on system protection tab. This tab will allow you to create system restore point or allow you to change the settings.
  4. Click the drive you want to change the settings of then click on configure button.
  5. You will see the drive configuration screen. From this screen you can either delete all the system restore points or choose to save only latest restore points. You can also change it to restore only files and not settings. You can even drag the slider to reduce the space the system restore consumes.
  6. When adjusting the slider make sure to leave a decent amount of space because system restore really helps you out when your windows doesn’t boot up.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to configure what you would like to restore and also how much space the system restore should use up.

Do let us know if there is any other way with which you can configure your system restore to use up less storage.

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