How to Make Phone Calls from your iPad

iPad is considered as one of the most popular gadgets nowadays. It is a mini computer with full touch screen capabilities. Because of this, it is perfect for games which allow you to interact almost directly to the console or game character.

Phone Calls From iPad

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Also, if you will look closely to an iPad, it seems like a miniature version of iPhone which is known as one of the most advanced mobile phone in the market nowadays. Because of this, you may have an idea of turning iPad as a mobile phone even if it is not designed to be like it.

Below are some of the ways which can help you to allow iPad accepting phone calls just like an iPhone:

  1. You can try Skype ( This is an iPad app which allows you to call Skype users around the world for FREE. This is actually the known widest chat and call application being used nowadays. You can also try other iPad apps such as Fring ( and Truphone ( which you can also use to call any landline or mobile phone around the world as long as you are using 3G or Wi-Fi signal.
  2. If you have funds, then go with the Line2 which is another wonderful iPad app which allows you to turn your iPad into iPhone in exchange of payment ( This is a superb application since it always runs in the background even you are not using the app.
  3. Instead of settling with the VoIP way of calling, you may try settling with SIM cards which are really designed for calling. Well, this is a more convenient way of calling, right? You can try out the app called PhoneIt-iPad. This iPad application can allow your iPad 3G into an iPhone. You can receive and make calls and even compose and receive SMS. However, this is an expensive app which may amount to $19.99 and make sure you will only install it on a jail broken iPad 1 with an operating system of iOS 4.3.3. It will never work on the newer versions of iPad.
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