How to Make Keyword Shortcuts in Chrome

When browsing in chrome sometimes we come across some links or texts that we can make or use as keywords. Just to use those keywords we select it and then right click to copy it and then paste it to the place we want to use and sometimes other process are also associated with it which sometimes tend to be more hassle then it’s worth it.

A regular user of Google chrome would know that chrome makes life very easy by allowing to search within the site the moment you have typed in the address of the website. After typing the web address you can press Tab and then you can search the site for a specific topic.

Keyword Shortcut Chrome

Well there is a way to make browsing more efficient and you can use keywords to quickly find information on any site that you want. This guide will help you to do that exactly. Read on to find out how.

1.  Manage Existing Keywords:

You can edit what sites chrome lets you search easily or you can add another site and keywords to the list. To do this right click on the search bar and click on edit search engines. This will open a list of search engines which you can remove or add new ones.

2.  Edit Keywords:

You can edit exiting keywords for your search. You can change it so that when you type friends in the address bar the Facebook search will come up. To do this when you open edit search engine in keywords type friends and put name as and in the URL copy and paste the Facebook search address. You can do this for any site.

3.  Add New keyword Search:

  • First browse to the site you want to add and perform a search.
  • Chrome will automatically create a keyword if not then you can manually create one
  • Look in the address bar at your search query and replace it with %s
  • Open search engine dialogue box and click on add to input the website name and a keyword in the keyword box.
  • Then in the URL field copy the address with %s and paste it and you are done.

This process is very easy to set up and is very useful because now you can just enter the keyword that you have set up in the address bar and it will take you directly to the site that you have set up it for.

Chrome makes it much easier to add different search engines automatically because it picks them up automatically unlike Firefox, internet explorer and other browser. If it doesn’t pick you can add it manually, additionally the keyword powered search is really quick because even if you just enter the first letter of the keyword you will be directly shown the site that you have set up for and also searching within site becomes easier.

So go ahead and add your favorite site and make your browsing more efficient and fast.

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