How To Link Your Different Android Apps To Work In Sync

One of the best part of having an android smartphone is that there is always an app that matches your need and if you are always downloading and removing apps then your app drawer must be quite clustered with different kind of apps. In such a clutter it’s difficult to find the specific app that you are looking for.

It would be quite easy to switch to the app you want if they were linked together in sync. Making changes in one app will automatically create changes in the app that you have linked. So we have prepared a guide for you that will help you to link different kinds of apps together. Also we will show you a way that will make linking apps together very easy.


How To Link Apps And Sync Your Account

  1. You need to download the Contacts app from the play store. After you open this app for the first time it will ask you to enter the information regarding your different social media accounts.
  2. After you have entered all your social media accounts you can choose which account you want to link together. The contacts you press it will open the related page through which you can make the changes.
  3. Most of the android phone already come with Youtube app preinstalled if you don’t have it then you can download it from play store and log in with your Youtube account.
  4. If you want to link Youtube and Google+ account then you can do it from the bottom of the Youtube login page. This will allow the comments and recommended videos to appear in your G+ feeds.
  5. You can also link your Google+ account with the gallery on your phone. You can do it from the Google+ login page. This linking will allow you to upload any photo that you have taken to your Google+ account automatically.
  6. Through the contacts app you can also link your Facebook account with your contacts on the phone. Open up settings in contacts app and press on auto sync with your friends in contact list so that now whenever you go to your contacts with a single tap you can visit their Facebook profile.
  7. You can also link your Twitter and contacts so you will be able to access the Twitter feed of your contact with just a single tap without having to open the Twitter app separately and searching for the contact.
  8. You can also link your calendar app with your Google maps. This will allow you to view your appointments and the place where you have to be with a single tap on the calendar entry.


There you go a simple guide that will help you to link your various social media contacts and apps together so that you can launch them with a single touch.

Do let us know if you come across some other app that will allow you to link your contacts together so they remain synced.

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