How To Limit Your Android’s Data Usage

As the android smart phone becomes more and more powerful it is able to fulfill your entertainment needs. So as a result we are able to use our 3G or 4G connection to access and download songs, apps or watch streaming videos at a moment’s notice.

All this process may use up your data limit and might result in increased bill. Also there are apps in your device that constantly run in the background and stay connected to the internet giving you constant update without your knowledge. This also can result in your data limit being used up.


So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow to control your android’s data usage thus preventing your from increasing your bill. This trick requires that you have ice cream sandwich or jelly bean running in your device as they come with a page that allows you to control your data usage.

So here is the guide that will help you get started.


How To Control Your Android’s Data Usage

  1. Go to settings from your app drawer and below wireless and networks you will notice the data usage so tap on it.
  2. Once in data usage scroll down to see a list of apps that are ranked in order of their data usage.
  3. Clicking on a particular app will take you to a page which will show the data usage of the app in the form of graph or pie chart.
  4. Back to the main page of data usage and press on the Data usage cycle tab where you can select the correct timeframe which matches with your monthly contract date.
  5. To prevent your apps from automatically updating or if you want to temporarily disable your mobile data you can press on the off button on the main screen of data usage.
  6. On the main page of data usage you can adjust the red bar on the bar chart to limit your data usage. Once you cross the red bar your mobile data connection will be automatically disabled.
  7. On the main page of data usage you click on options symbol in top right corner which will open up other options from ways you can further control your data usage such as restricting background data.
  8. If you are not satisfied with the android’s built in data usage controller or you are not using ice cream sandwich or jelly bean then you can visit the play store and download apps that can help you to monitor the data usage. One such app is called 3G watchdog that keeps a watch on your mobile data as well as Wi-Fi data.


So there you have a simple guide which will help you to control your android’s data usage and prevent increased monthly bills.

So do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can control your data usage.

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