How to Launch Chrome Apps Directly from the Toolbar

Google Chrome is one of the newer browsers in the market. For some months, it have been the number one browser in terms of use, having overtaken Mozilla Firefox and giving a superb competition to Internet Explorer.

A part of credit for such success goes to the extensions and applications available for the Chrome Browser. The noble idea of extensions was popularized by Mozilla and it was so effective that Chrome also followed the same path and extended its extensions and applications base beside the classic ones. The extensions are accessible from the new page tab, and basically (in most cases) are shortcuts to various applications hosted on the web.

The only problem is that most of the times Apps for Chrome gets mixed with available extensions and usually after Installing Apps on Chrome, we don’t remember using them. Also we get accustomed to using extensions and having to go to the new tab page (to start a app) may seem strange.

Thankfully, AppJump solve the problem, enabling us to launch any application without leaving the toolbar extensions.

AppJump for Chrome

A very good idea that also serves to organize them, and a mini-control panel from which we can add groups, disable applications or even get rid of them altogether. Automatically, this extension goes on to become one of the most interesting one of the year due to its usefulness and ease of use.

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