How To keep Your Kids Safe From Smartphones

Kids are vulnerable to technology, and it is proved. So, how parents can control the temptation of smartphones that is now accessible even to kids nowadays? The question seems hold water as the inappropriate use of smartphones by kids are now rampant. You can’t just say no to today’s children but of course, you can educate them by assessing the level of responsibility the child can handle the phone.

Hardware vendors, app developers, service providers can only make sure the safe access to technology to kids, but the safe use and education begin and end with parents alone. They can only evaluate their child’s capacity to handle the technology and gauge parameters how much they must use the latest technologies so that it do not harm their holistic growth.

In recent surveys, the incidents of cyberbullying increases with the age when the children move from elementary school to middle school and high school. Some surveys advise parents to determine their willingness when their children ask for his or her own cell phone. The question now, is there any need of phone for the children.

Kids are smart, the parental control can be easily unlocked and relying solely on that security is trickier because children use the gadget out of your sight from the most part.

In the surveys it is found that the kids are more prone to send text messages than to make calls or send emails. An average number of texts sent by teens each day are increased from 50 in 2009 to 60 in 2011. So, regulating your kids addiction to texting demands a crash course of parents in texting technology.

Children are more tempting to demand the same phone features as adults, so smartphones are the obvious choice of them. There is no hard and fast rules apply when it comes to regulate your child.

The current consensus of child safety experts come to the conclusion that children shouldn’t have access to their own phone till they reach age 11. They shouldn’t use phone with a camera and Internet access until 13, at the earliest, and the most important to control texting, they must not do unlimited texting until they reach 16.

Any other suggestions? What you suggest, when to give your child a phone, and also which type of phone? Moreover, which voice and data plan they should be using when you allow them to use phone first time in life? There are many more such questions and you as a parent is the right person to decide on such questions.

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Do share your own voice in the below comment section and let other know more safety measures of phone keeping away from children. Also, just remember, in too much of safety measures make sure children are not deprived of the smartphone when they should have it or need it.

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