How To Install Windows 8 Apps On An SD Card Or Secondary Drive

Windows 8 allows you to visit the app store and download apps to your device. Moreover if you have other windows 8 running device then you can sync the device together so that the same apps are available across the devices logged in with your account.

Even on your PC running on windows 8 is able to download the apps from windows store app. By default the apps are saved on C: drive. If you are running low on space or have a secondary large drive there is no way to save the apps on that drive.


We have prepared a guide that will allow you to save the apps on other drive. You can also apply this guide on tablets running windows 8 so you can save the apps to SD card.

How To Install Windows 8 Apps On Other Storage Media

  1. Before you can save or install the apps on other drives you need to prepare it. So locate the drive whether it’s an SD card or your second hard drive.
  2. Right click on the drive and make sure that it’s formatted in NTFS format.
  3. If the drive is in FAT format back up all the important data before you format it to NTFS format.
  4. To format a drive right click on it and select format. Under file system select NTFS from down menu and click on start.
  5. After the format is completed open the drive and create a new folder with the name windows8apps.
  6. Now you need to open the registry editor so got your metro start menu and type regedit then press enter.
  7. In registry editor browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppx key
  8. Now click on appx key and click edit > permissions
  9. Click on advanced button and click the change link next to trusted installer and type administrator in the box and check names and click ok.
  10. Now enable the replace owner on subcontainers and objects checkbox and press ok.
  11. In AppX window select administrator and click on box full control allow and click ok.
  12. Now you need to double click the packageroot value and enter the location of the folder that you have created earlier.
  13. Reboot your PC to make the changes come to effect.
  14. Now when you install any new apps it will be installed in your new location. Any old apps that you have installed will be saved in their old directory. To move them to new directory uninstall them and install the apps again.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to install any apps from windows 8 store to your new drive or SD card.

Let us know if you know any other methods with which you can change the location of the app storage in your windows 8 device.

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