How to Install Ubuntu on Nexus 7

Canonical showed the video, where the Ubuntu Operating System was  launched for Google Nexus 7. This video is interesting because Canonicial is a developer of Ubuntu and if they have posted a video, then they’re going to do this project closely. And guess what, It happened. The company has released little official Ubuntu Installer for Google Nexus 7 (build number 12.10).

At this point, in Ubuntu 12.10 for Nexus 7, there are many problems. This is the official version, but the company Canonical released it for the users to test the system and find errors. In Ubuntu 12.10 for Google Nexus 7, there are several problems: closed twist screen, Not Working Bluetooth, Camera does not work etc. Also, there are other minor problems. We can not guarantee stable operation of the system, so many bugs can appear which may be still unknown.


We will not write the instructions to install Ubuntu 12.10 on the tablet Google Nexus 7 as the operating system is not working properly. But you can read the Installation manual on the website of Canonical. You need to unlock the bootloader to find USB cable and enter a few commands in the console. The whole process is very simple, but we are not responsible for damage and ill experience and do not recommend to install Ubuntu on the Nexus 7, if you do not understand it.

The official operating system in the tablet Google Nexus 7 is also good and pleases many users, but there will always be those who will want to put a desktop OS on a tablet like Ubuntu – which is an ideal candidate. Of course, you can not use the tablet without Android, but Ubuntu can be a good addition to the primary OS. If the Canonical are so eagerly set to work, we may soon have a stable version of Ubuntu for Nexus 7.

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