How To Install iOS 6 Beta On iPhone 4S Without Developer Account

Newly released iOS 6 beta is available for developers only  and without developer account you can not update it directly. the reason they make it available for developer is simply to get proper feedback of this  all new operating system.

Although all the promised features are not available on iOS now but gradually they will tune the system up to the perfection.

In this tutorial  i will describe very simple steps to update iOS 6 beta on your iPhone 4S .

Install iOS 6 Beta

Things you will require to complete the installation:

01. iTunes 10.6.3- Download From Here.

02. iOS 5.1.1 : Download Bellow

03. iOS 6.1 bete- Download From Here( Completely Free; No developer account needed)

Even if you are on iOS 5.1.1 right now you will need to have a downloaded copy of iOS 5.1.1 to complete the installation.

After you got every of the above three piece handy you have install iTune 10.6.3 first. The whole process will be done by iTune 10.6.3.

Follow the steps carefully to complete the installation

i) Run iTunes 10.6.3 and connect your iPhone 4S with USB

ii) take the back up of your iPhone 4S .

iii) Hold the key Shift ( windows) or  Option ( Mac) and click Restore. Then navigate the downloaded  iOS 5.1.1 to restore it.

iv) Restore the device as a new device. Do not restore from previous back up if you have done it previously with another device. ( Check this option very carefully )

v) Configure your phone and run with a fresh iOS 5.1.1.

vi) Hold the key Shift ( windows) Option ( Mac) and click  Check for update

Then navigate the downloaded  iOS 6.0 beta 1 to restore it. This will take some more time than it took time for restoring processes

This is how you can install new iOS without developer account and don’t forget to comment your opinion on this new apple’s iOS.

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