How To Install Chrome OS In Windows PC

Google have released the Chrome OS which is designed mainly for netbooks and aims at making your entire PC experience cloud based with all your data and settings being stored in the cloud. Every time you log in with your credentials your settings and files are available to you no matter which machine you are using.

So with this much hype about Chrome OS you must be willing to try it without the need for purchasing a chrome OS netbook. SO we have prepared a guide which will enable you to install Chrome OS in your windows PC and just see what the hype is about.

Install Chrome On Windows

Installing Chrome OS Through VirtualBox:

  1. Download and install virutalbox which is very popular virtual machine software that lets you install multiple operating systems in your current OS.
  2. Download the chrome OS VMDK file
  3. After installing open virtualbox and click on new
  4. The new wizard will open and click next
  5. Type in the name of the new virtual machine and in operating system select linux and default version Ubuntu will be selected automatically. Then click next.
  6. You need to select the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the chrome OS. 512MB is adequate but you can increase it to 1000MB
  7. In the next screen select the option Use existing hard disk
  8. You need to select the chrome OS VMDK file which you have downloaded.
  9. After you have selected the VMDK file you will be bought back to the screen where you have selected use existing hard disk and click next
  10. In this screen you will be presented with the summary of all your selections make sure that you have selected everything properly.
  11. After making sure click on finish to complete the wizard
  12. In the virtual machine list you will see that chrome OS is listed
  13. Double click the chrome OS to start it up
  14. After you start the chrome OS up you will be presented with a log in screen where you need to input your Google account name and password to enter the chrome OS
  15. After you log in you will be directly taken to the dashboard of the chrome OS and you can play around there and get a feel of the OS and its cloud working.

Although the chrome OS is the first step in cloud computing by enabling you to store your files and settings online still the OS lacks some features that you are used to and would expect from a desktop or netbook.

One major disadvantage of chrome OS is that you need to be online every time for it work. Google are working on a fix that will enable you to use your chrome OS in offline mode at least allowing you to create your office files or view videos until you go online.

We hope that this guide has been helpful to you in giving you a taste of the chrome OS. You can use virtualbox to try out some other OS also and get a feel of how they work.

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