How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

If you wanted to have a wonderful and effective PowerPoint presentation, you would prefer embedding a YouTube video on it. Well, most people are still not aware that this is very possible. There are 2 steps for you to succeed with the process and you don’t have to spend anything for it.

Insert YouTube Videos In Powerpoint

Download a YouTube Downloader to your PC or Laptop

Well, this is the first step. This is for you to avoid the needs of being connected to the internet just to make a YouTube video work. By just downloading it to your PC, it will be easier for you to load the YouTube video without looking for an internet access.

  1. YouTube Downloader ( – This is a free application which is downloadable online. It has a free and paid version. Still, settling with the free version is a nice catch. It will allow you to first download the YouTube video to your computer by getting the YouTube URL. Then, it will allow you to convert to any of the video file format supported by your PC.
  2. Catch YouTube ( – If you are not comfortable downloading applications to your computer, then you can just settle with the Catch YouTube website. It is a free online YouTube video downloader and converter.

Embedding the Downloaded YouTube Video to the PowerPoint Presentation

This process will teach you how to finally embed the YouTube video to the presentation. However, if you are going to send the PowerPoint presentation to another PC or user, include the downloaded videos on the files to send to make it work.

For PowerPoint 2007 Users:

  1. On the PowerPoint presentation, look for the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen. Click it and look for the “Movie” icon. After that, browse for the downloaded YouTube video.
  2. After clicking the “Movie” icon, choose “Movie from File” which allows you to look for the YouTube video saved on your system.
  3. From there, choose the file name of your downloaded YouTube video. Make sure to choose the “Movie Files” as file type to make the browsing process narrower.

Take note that for PowerPoint 2007, it only allows mpeg, wmv, asf, and avi as movie file types to be embedded on the PowerPoint presentation.

For PowerPoint 2003 Users:

  1. On the window, click on the “Insert” tab located at the top. On the dropdown menu, hover on “Movies and Sounds” and click “Movie from File”.
  2. After that, choose the video you just downloaded from YouTube.
  3. After hitting the “OK” button, a prompt will appear. Just click on “Automatically” for this step. By choosing this option, you will not need to always go back to the movie just to make it play. Playing it automatically can lessen your task in allowing it to play while presenting.
  4. Now, right click on the movie object (black box appearance). On the menu, choose “Edit Movie Object”.
  5. A new window will appear which carries the name of “Movie Options”. Just choose among the indicated options by clicking on the circle beside the chosen option.

For both PowerPoint 2007 and 2003 Users:

Sine you may want to test if the YouTube video will really work on your created PowerPoint presentation, just click on the “Slide Show” tab and choose “View Slide Show”. You may just simple press F5 on your keyboard.

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