How To Increase Your Productivity With Your Android Device

One of the best thing of having a smart phone is that you can install various third party apps or apps from the play store that helps you to keep organized and up to date with various things in your life. One of the ways to be productive is to stay on top of things and not to let them overwhelm you.

Android helps you to be productive by providing a number of apps that are easy to use and easy to set up. You just need to spend a few minutes to go through the settings or feature of the app to get the hang of it and stay on top of things.


So we have prepared a little guide for you that will help you to get the hang of some productivity apps and manage your life.

How To Increase Productivity

  1. Majority of the note taking apps come with a widget so make sure to place a widget on your home screen so that you are able to instantly take a note when the situation arises.
  2. To remember all the various meetings or appointments or important events download a good calendar app from the play store. This will allow you to organize and plan your day. The app will also notify you when an event arises so that you are ahead of things.
  3. If you work on your phone most of the time then it is advisable to create backups of your work. One of the best app to help you is ASTRO file manager that allows you to manage huge number of files very efficiently.
  4. To keep track of your social media you don’t have to separately sign in to each service to view the updates. You can just go to settings and also go to the accounts page and also add your accounts. So now whenever any new updates are available you will be notified immediately.
  5. If you are not comfortable with the default android keyboard and it slows your typing then you can download one of the third party keyboard apps that also gives some more features that can increase your typing skill and accuracy.
  6. To keep ahead of productivity you need to keep your phone with you at all times. So it means you need to optimize the phone battery so that you’re never out of power. You can use one of the battery apps from the play store that will help you to calibrate and optimize the battery.
  7. You cannot always type into your phone because you might be busy with some work or just too tired to type on your phone. In such cases to take note of the important details you can use the text to speech editing which will allow you to speak the phone the dictation is converted to speech which then can be saved.
  8. If you are browsing through website and have across some important webpage you can go to the options and save the webpage as PDF so that you can read it later or even transfer it to other device.


There you go some of the productivity apps that will help you to stay ahead of everything and manage your life more efficiently.

Do let us know if you come across some of the other productivity apps that has helped you to take control.

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