How To Increase Steam Download Speed

It’s a regular irritation when you are waiting for your game to update or download. Every game fan wants some tips to boost the speed of Steam and spend more time in playing, not waiting. But do you know how to do it? Do you know how to increase or boost up the download speed of steam? Here’s how to do it.

Those who don’t know, here is a little info on Steam. You all might be knowing Steam for Internet gaming world is the ultimate entertainment platform. It is a software, available in PC, Mac and smartphones, that allow gamers to connect, play and even create their own games. Steam also features a gaming library that boasts more than 2000 titles. Presently Steam has about 40 million users, and it’s a pain to wait for a game to update or new one to download.

Here are some tips to increase the speed of Steam:

The steam setting page can be open by right clicking the Steam icon in the system tray. Then select Settings from the menu. The first step is complete, now in the setting window; you will be confused with numerable tabs of different options and settings that you can opt for. Open the settings and then download + cloud tab.

A box will come up with internet speed settings. There are two settings that can help in increasing your download speed. First properly set the drop down labelled “Approximate speed of your Internet Connection”. This will be your approximate Internet speed.

Then go to the Download region drop-down settings. To get the best, choose the closest location to you. You need to restart your Steam client before the changes come into effect. Hopefully, you will notice a faster download, if not, then again play with the download settings till you find a low-traffic server.

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Learned? Want to know more such tips related to the gaming world? Do put it down in the below comment box. Also, do share your own views about steam and what else can be done to increase the download speed of Steam.

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