How to Improve Your Old PC’s Gaming Performance

Buying new hardware to replace the older ones in your PC is doubtless the best way to enjoy the latest games. However, that is easier said than done simply because computer hardware is pretty expensive. Besides, there are certain things you can do for a better gaming experience on your old PC without spending a dime. The following tips focus on exploiting the full capability of your PC hardware.


Make Sure to Have the Latest Driver Updates

Very few people realize the importance of having the latest graphic card drivers installed on their PCs. NVIDIA and AMD, which are the two main graphics chip makers, periodically release improved versions of software drivers for graphic cards on their respective websites. These updates bring major improvements in not only the graphic card performance but also fix many other problems and bugs present in the previous driver versions. The most important thing though is that these updates bring in improved game compatibility. This allows you to play the latest games with your older graphic card. In its absence, you would find it hard to run the latest new games on your older graphic card further hampered by old software drivers. The updates are usually released every month or so. If upgrading every month sounds too hassling for you then you must at least upgrade every time you play a new gaming title.

Balance Your CPU and RAM Load


You should know the basics about RAM and its contribution towards the effective functioning of your PC. Every time your PC is booted up, a clutch of programs are launched automatically. These programs tend to use up a sizable amount of processor and memory resources, which certainly has an effect on the PC’s gaming performance. So disabling those startup programs is definitely one valuable way of freeing up the load on your older processor and memory. This becomes even more imperative for older processors as they are quite underpowered compared to the chips being used today in high end gaming machines. Two of the most popular tools to help in this matter are CCleaner and the inbuilt Task Manager on Windows 7 and 8.

Tweak Game Settings

Tweaking the in-game settings will, however, result in the most improved gaming performance. Resolution, lighting, texture, antialiasing are some of the options you will be able to see in most modern day games. The higher you go with these settings, the better will be your game’s visuals. However, the trade-off will be in the form of low gaming performance. Hence the key here is to arrive at settings that give you a perfect mix of visuals and performance. A ‘trial and error’ method to arrive at the right settings is highly recommended.

Taking care of these three things will go a long way in allowing you to better enjoy the latest games on your old PC. In addition, these settings would also serve you better for a long time keeping your gaming taste into consideration.

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