How To Improve Android’s Sound Quality

These days android smartphones are becoming so powerful essentially they have become our portable entertainment system. With the large amazing display any video you play looks crisp and it makes it a worthwhile to spend time on a movie or an episode while waiting for your train to arrive.

But sometimes the sound quality of your device may not be up to what you would expect. Even with the headphones plugged in the and with maximum the sound isn’t that loud. At such times you wish you could enhance the sound of your device so that you could get enjoy the particular clip or MP3 properly.


Well don’t worry if you have you are into installing custom ROM in your device then you can easily enhance the sound of your device by installing the popular custom ROM CyanogenMod ROM. This custom ROM comes with a DSP manager which allows you to control the sound of the device.

So we have prepared a guide which will help you to enhance the sound of your android device with the help of DSP manager. If you don’t want to flash the entire cyanogenmod rom then you can just download the DSP manager separately and flash it to your phone as you would flash a custom ROM.


How To Use DSP Manager To Enhance The Sound Of Your Device

  1. When you are listening to music open up the DSP manager from your app drawer and it will open up on speaker if you haven’t plugged in headphones. Tap enable bass boost and you can select the effect strength. This will enhance the bass over your phone speaker but be careful with the settings as distortion might be present.
  2. Below bass boost is the equalizer settings which will allow you to tweak the sounds coming through your speaker.
  3. There are a range of presets you can select from. You can also design your own present by going into custom preset.
  4. Once in custom settings make sure that the settings are in flat mode and then with music playing you can slide the sliders up and down to get the right balanced sound.
  5. Now if you plug in your headphone you will be shifted to the headphone tab and from there the first option is dynamic range compression. It allows you to control the difference between loudest and quietest point of music. It’s good for listening to old songs but in new songs the quality may get distorted.
  6. In headset option you can select the loudness compensation which allow you to give a boost to the sound quality so making them appear louder through headphone. The settings has to be done each time you plugin as it can vary over different makes of headphone.
  7. You can enable the virtual room option which adds an extra level of dynamism for the type of music you are listening to it. Experiment with it to see which songs are suited for the virtual room option.
  8. In DSP manager if you swipe to the right you will come across the Bluetooth headset option. You can set it up the same way as you have done for the headphone options.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to use the DSP manager to get good and loud sounding entertainment from your android device.

Do let us know if there are any other way with which you can enhance the sound of your android device.

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