How To Hide Passwords In An Encrypted Drives

Encrypting your data and storing them is the best option to protect your sensitive data from other people. There are various kinds of encryption tools that allow you to encrypt your data and store so that it becomes difficult to break the encryption and access the data.

Hide Passwords

We have a prepared aguide for you which will enable you to store all your passwords in a portable USB drive which is encrypted. Before we start lets us tell you that the encryption tool that we are going to use for this purpose is free and also provide you with high level of security that is impossible to break.

1. Get A Reliable USB Drive

For the purpose of security its always recommended to get a reliable good USB drive because if you get a cheap USB drive it is always possible that the USB drive you are using might die on you at crucial time. So to prevent it get a reliable USB drive.

You can visit various review sites and get the proper information on which USB is the best and get one accordingly

2. Create An Encrypted Drive or File with Truecrypt

There are lots of free software’s that can perform encryption but among them the best is truecrypt which has the ability to encrypt hidden files.

  • Download truecrypt from their official site
  • When you start the setup click on extract on to the USB rather than install
  • After you have installed truecrypt on your USB double click on the truecrypt.exe to run it
  • After truecrypt opens find create new volume and truecrypt will ask you to pick a file that will be used as a hidden volume so pick a junk file
  • Click next and select the AES encryption which is default encryption
  • Select the size of the virtual disk and click next to input the password or paraphrase that you will use to unlock the file
  • Click next and you can select the file system and click on format and truecrypt will overwrite the junk file that you have selected so make sure the file isn’t something important.

3. Mount the Hidden Drive and Install KeePass Portable

  • Once the truecrypt is open you can open your hidden volume using the password. After you open the hidden volume you will notice that its empty
  • Now you need to download KeePass portable to use on your new USB disk
  • After you have downloaded it run the installer to install the portable app on your virtual disk that you have created
  • KeePass will help to generate long difficult to crack passwords and store them so that it’s easy to recall them when you need them
  • After the portable app is installed run it and select the option to create a new password database file which you can save in your encrypted volume which you have created

4. Congratulations Your Passwords Are Safe

Now that you have securely locked away your passwords database you can rest assured no one can access your passwords anymore. Anytime you want to access your password database to see which passwords you have used and where open it with your password to truecrypt and view them.

So there you go an easy guide on how to secure your password database. If you know of any other ways then do let us know.

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