How to Get the Newly Introduced Facebook News Feed

Ever since its launch, Facebook has constantly relied on innovations to keep itself in the thick of things as far as social networking sites were concerned. The cost of not doing so was quite steep and was well illustrated by the examples of sites like MySpace and Orkut, both of which failed to maintain their top positions after an initial burst of popularity that lasted a few years. Facebook, on the other hand, has continued to remain fresh thanks to features like Timeline, apps, games, search and many more.


However, the brand new News Feed has probably got to be the biggest innovation so far that the company has embarked upon. While earlier updates of its features were mostly cosmetic, the new News Feed is radically different from the previous one. This is sure to keep the taste of freshness alive in the tongues of the millions of Facebook users around the world.

The New Facebook News Feed

Apart from wanting to keep the interface and its other features fresh, these new updates are rolled out by Facebook to also promote connectivity between its users. The new and improved News Feed feature will help you do exactly that.


For starters, the new News Feed is far more responsive than the one it is going to replace. There is also the small matter of it being far more attractive when it comes to overall looks compared to the previous version. One of the issues with the older style News Feed is that users are not really able to view the feed in terms of different categories. The pigeonholing of all types of news into a single feed will be history when the new News Feed eventually goes live for all Facebook users. Not only will the new setup have a lot less clutter, it will also feature a lot more pictures compared to the feed mechanism currently in place.

Enabling the New Facebook News Feed

In a manner that was also adopted during the release of the graph search, Facebook has chosen to roll out the new News Feed in a gradual manner. This means that not all users will get to sample the new feature at the same time. However, there is an option for individual users to be part of an initial Facebook user list that will get the new News Feed. Facebook has also gone on to say that it will update the feature on the some of the individual profiles it has.


As for volunteering your account for the new update, simply visit the link mentioned below and scroll to the bottom of the page. Now click on a message that reads “Try the New Look”.

The page also features some videos and slides that help you get familiar with the new News Feed.

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