How To Get The Best Entertainment Experience From Your Android Device

As each year passes new version of the Android OS is released which is packed with all forms of entertainment apps that makes sure that your smartphone is an entertainment powerhouse. With the number of apps in play store growing by the day you’re never short of any apps that fails to give you one form of entertainment or the other.

But with the growing list of apps in the play store how can you be sure that the particular app will be able to provide the best entertainment experience for you. With the phone hardware being advanced you would need the perfect app that is able to take full benefit of the raw processing power that your smartphone is able to provide.

android entertainment applications

So to help you out we have prepared a guide for the readers that will allow them to get the best entertainment experience from their android powered devices.

How To Get The Best Entertainment Apps

  1. If you enjoy reading books then the big screen size of your android device is perfect for reading books and couple it with a good eBook reader and your set to go. Play Book apps and also other various e-book apps such as kindle app will let you browse through thousands of e-book allowing you to download them and add to your collection.
  2. These days there are number of video players in play store such as MX player which can play videos of many formats. So to take advantage of this feature you can rent latest movies from reliable renting movie service and you can watch them over and over again in your device.
  3. There are number of games of available in the play store and the most among them are the multiplayer games. One of the enjoyable thing of android is taking advantage of cloud gaming through Onlive app which can give you console like gaming experience.
  4. If you have a smart TV at your home then you can easily control it through your android device by turning it into a TV remote. One such app is VIERA Remote which uses DLNA to connect your TV to your android device. You can also use it to connect to your gaming console or other entertainment devices.
  5. If you enjoy listening to music then you can download Spotify app from the play store that will allow you to browse through huge collection of songs and will even allow you to create custom playlist that you can enjoy at your own leisure.
  6. If you are a fan of reading comics then you should download Marvel or DC comic app from play store. You can read the famous comic right on your device. There are also third party comic reading apps that also allows you to share the comics with your friend.
  7. If you like to listen to online radio then the best app for you is either app or tune in radio app which are available from play store. You can tune in to your favorite radio station and enjoy your favorite show at any time of the day.

There you have some of the apps that will help to get the best entertainment experience out of your android device.

Do let us know if you come across some other app that will allow you to get the best entertainment out of your android device.

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