How To Get A Better Wireless Signal And Reduce Interference

Like any other technology Wi-Fi relies on radio signal to broadcast to you the broadband connection so that you are able to use it with your mobile devices. Since the routers are using radio waves the efficiency of the device drops if they are positioned with obstructions in the way or there are other wireless devices nearby which is cancelling the radio waves out.

So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to set up your router in such a way which will allow you to get better wireless signal thus allowing greater browsing experience in your mobile device or laptop.


How To Get A Better Wireless Signal With Correct Wireless Router Positioning

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  1. To increase the coverage of your wireless router you can place the router in the middle of your house to get even strong
  2. signal at all corner of your house.
  3. Position your routers antenna so that it is standing vertically up
  4. Do not keep your routers on the floor. If you keep your router on desktop or some elevated position you will get better coverage and signal strength.
  5. Do not place your router near anything metal such as metal cabinet or metal box because metal obstructs the signal this decreasing the performance. Also make sure that no dense object is near your router.


How To Get A Better Wireless Signal By Reducing Interference From Other Wireless Network

frequency changer

  1. Sometimes correct position also doesn’t improve performance in such cases you need to check for other wireless sources. Download the Wi-Fi analyzer app for android and it will allow you to see how many wireless networks are nearby although you need to walk a bit.
  2. After finding the area where there is less interference you can place your router there to get good performance.
  3. If the routers are competing on the same broadcasting signal then it also reduces performance so head to your Wi-Fi settings page on your router and change the broadcasting frequency and check whether your performance improves or not.


How To Get A Better Wireless Signal By Extending Your Wireless Range


  1. If you think your router isn’t covering enough area then you can use the range extender or wireless repeater to extend the range of your router.
  2. If you have some old routers lying around you can use two wireless router to extend the range also.
  3. Depending on the type of router you are using you can even attach an improved additional antenna that will allow you to get better signal coverage.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to get better wireless coverage and also performance.

If you know any other way with which you can improve your wireless signal then do let us know.

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