How To Forcefully Sync App Licenses In Windows 8

Windows 8 is the most different computer OS released till date. It boosts new Metro UI and also hosts of other new features that makes using windows a completely new different experience. In addition to releasing the windows for PC Microsoft also have released the same windows 8 for the tablets and phones.

As a result now you can share the data between the devices including your apps and also their saved data. If you download an app on your windows 8 PC from the windows store you can download the same app on your phone or tablet. Moreover when you sign in with your windows account the same app is made available across the devices.


But sometimes in windows 8 the app that you have purchased isn’t available for download in your other windows 8 running devices. It tells you to purchase the app again. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to forcefully sync your app licenses and allow you to use the purchased app across your multiple windows 8 device.

How To Forcefully Sync Your App Licenses Across Multiple Windows 8 Devices

  1. On your desktop PC launch the windows store app from the metro home screen
  2. After the store is launched now move the mouse to right top corner of your screen and move it down to open charms menu and click on settings.
  3. In settings click on app updates
  4. In app updates if you look at the bottom you will notice app licenses and below it sync licenses.
  5. So click on sync license to forcefully sync the app across your devices.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to use the paid apps across multiple devices without any license issues.

If you know of any other method where license issue can be fixed then do let us know.

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