How To Force Windows Apps To Use A Specific CPU

These days majority of the computer that are being released are equipped with multi core processor either they are dual core or quad core processors. This allows you to take advantage of the parallel processing thus improving the response of your PC and reducing the load times.

But to take advantage of the multicore processors the applications need to be designed to take advantage of the multiple core that are available to speed up the process. But not all of the applications are designed for multicore processor.

multicore cpu

Sometimes you just want to limit an app to use one processor so that you can keep the other cores busy with other tasks. So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to assign a single app to a single processor and can be done when you need it. This guide is written for windows 8.

How To Assign An Application To A Single CPU

  1. Right click on your windows taskbar and click on task manager
  2. Once in task manager click on the details tab
  3. From within the list of program find the program that you want and right click it and choose set affinity.
  4. In the window that pop ups you can see how many CPU core that specific app is allowed to use.
  5. You can uncheck the CPU that you need and click on ok


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to set an application to use one specific CPU keeping your other CPU free for your other task. For most part we do not recommend that you change these settings but allow windows to handle the assigning of the tasks to the CPU as its more efficient. You perform these modification at your own risk.

Do let us know if there any other ways with which you can assign a specific task to a specific CPU.

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